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Falling in Love - A Short Film
I made this with two peers for a Literature class where we used the literary devices of fabulation and externalizing the internal. Enjoy! © 2013 - Madeline Stedman
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Body Image in the Media - A Documentary
-Made September 2011- I made this documentary for a project at the beginning of 11th grade (September 2011). The project was to make a documentary about something that has evolved over time and affects society, so I decided to do Body Image in the Media. The clips that say "e4 HD" in the corner do not belong to me, they are from Skins. © 2011 - Madeline Stedman
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The Office: "Shakespeare Day"
I made this for a Literature project last year for an event we have called "Hamlet Night." I'm actually in this one, too! :) © 2012 - Madeline Stedman, et al.
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Top of the World
Made this in about 20 minutes with my sister this past weekend. © 2012 - Madeline Stedman
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Back Bone (Experimental Film)
First project of the year at Tisch!
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Because It's Home - Tisch Film Submission
My film for the Creative Submission to NYU Tisch. © 2012 - Madeline Stedman
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I made this last summer in Oxford on the Oxbridge program "The Oxford Tradition." I was unable to upload it in high quality as I was only sent the low quality version :( © 2012 - Madeline Stedman, et al.
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