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Your Fitness, Connected with dotFIT Worldwide by Founder & CEO Neal Spruce
Learn about the innovative fitness solutions offered by dotFIT Worldwide, including customizable online programs, nutrition products and supplements. Founder & CEO Neal Spruce introduces the Fitness Intelligence Technology platform on which the dotFIT Me Program is based.
dotFIT Strongmen at WSM Super Series
Check out the short video featuring some of the world's strongest men! These are dotFIT-sponsored athletes who compete and win using dotFIT products.
Shaquille O'Neal Teams Up with dotFIT & exerspy
Get in the game and get dotFIT! This video features dotFIT's newest partner, Shaquille O'Neal. Big Diesel loves exerspy and Iced Lemon Vanilla Cream dotSTICKs. Check it out! Go to www.dotFIT.com for more.