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Titanic- Rose's theme
Here's another song from Titanic. Hope you like. Its not me playing, so i don't have the notes to play it on a piano.
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Titanic- Hymn to the sea
Here is the whole song. Hope you like. I have not composed it myself. The sharing is for entertainment only.
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Titanic - Sissel's Overture
!!Watch in HQ!! Here's another video from me, with Sissel's overture. The music is from Titanic Suite, Back To Titanic. Its been a while since my last video:) Hope you like. If not, just go over to another video instead of telling that you dont like it. Good comments are always welcomed!:) Program used: Sony Vegas 8.0 Author: Malin I dont own anything of the Movie Titanic or the music used. The video is only made for entertainment.
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Titanic - Never An Absolution
Another song from me =) This one is about Rose remembering the moments she and Jack had together;) At the end they at last meet again in Heaven:)
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Titanic- Titanic Symphony
By Richard Clayderman
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Xena & Gabrielle - You found me
This video is from Xena to Gabrielle. How she tell's Gabrielle how glad she is for finding her, and helping her trough the though times of her life.
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Piper & Phoebe - You'll be in my heart
New charmed video from me again. Been a while since the last one came up. This one is my first of Piper & Phoebe, to the song "You'll be in my heart" from Phil Collins. Hope you like;) Ive dedicated it to my three sisters :)
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Titanic - "Party On Third Class" - Irish Jigg
A short video from the movie "Titanic" from 1997. I found out i had to lay this song out aswell, since ive laid out the other songs from Titanic:) The scenes used is from the thirdclass party:) Hope you like:) Programmed used: Sony Vegas 8.0 (Ive lost all my effects:(:( Does anybody maybe know why???) Author: Malin Movie: Titanic
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Xena and Gabrielle- Because You Loved Me
My first musicvideo about Xena and Gabrielle. I think the song tells all it is about. Song: Celine Dion- Because you loved me With this video i won a shared 1st place in the xena video contest by notmahrealname in the categorie "most romantic video", with ninja1. Thank you! :)
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Charmed- Please remember
A tribute to Prue Halliwell and the old charmed ones.... Enjoy, and please comment and Rate ;D
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Xena and Gabrielle - Ladies night
A video about the funny moments between Xena and Gabrielle =) Hope you like! ;D
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Xena and Gabrielle - We can work it out
A video about Xena and Gabrielle. Hope you like, and please comment and rate,
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Titanic - Nearer My God to Thee
Yet another titanic song from me. I got a request to lay them all out, and her are another one. This one is made with clips i feel give, and show you, the beautiful sadness you get while watching the movie :) I know ive been crying alot to the titanic movie ;) Enjoy =) With this i won in xxxtothestarsxxx "Titanic Video Awards 2008-2009" contest, as best memorial video :) Thank you so much!! ;)
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Titanic- Theme of titanic
The song from Sissel Kyrkjebø in Norway:P Not a fan video, just the song and some pictures :D But still i love the movie ^^
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Titanic - My Heart Will Go On(Slow)
!!PLEASE READ!! *Ive made my own version of the musicvideo to Titanic. Its not the one from Celine, as many of you apperently think. Ive used the singing clips from Celine Dion, and putted other titanic clips with them. I haven't used all the singing clips either:)* Here's finaly another titanic video with clips ;) This time ive made on to the slow version of "my heart will go on". Earlier ive made one with a remix. Ive tried to make a musicvideo of it, including clips where Celine Dion sings. Ive tried at my best to make her singing clips to go with the music :) Well, hope you like.
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Charmed- Its all coming back to me
A video about a sisterly loss, and the gaining of another sister =) Hope you like, it took me a while:P Song: Celine Dion- its all coming back to me now
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Xena & Gabrielle - You Raise Me Up
I put together a video to one of my favorite songs, "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban. Its about Xena & Gabrielle, and all the loving moments between them up in the years ;) Hope you like it :) With this video i won 3rd place in notmahrealname's video contest. The caterogie was "most thouching video" :) Thank you!
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Charmed- Breathless
A video about different moments between the Halliwell sisters Piper, Phoebe and Paige. Hope you like it!
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Titanic- At the beginning with you
A video about Rose & jack =) I think this song fits so well to them. I have used it before, in a Lana&Clark movie =) Its from the movie "Anastasia". It in a way tells us their "Story" from they were strangers untill they again meet in heaven. Hope you like =)
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Xena & Gabrielle - "All i want for christmas"
Here's my little christmas video to you all;) Its nothing special, just a video of Xena & Gabrielle to the song by Mariah Carry ;) Tonight im opening presents and having fun with my family ;) I hope you all have a merry christmas, and get alot of the things you wish for ;) Have a great evening and a great tomorrow ;) Love, Malin:)
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Wyatt & Chris - Let them be little
A tribute to Piper and Leo's beautiful boys, Wyatt & Chris. The song is by Lonestar, called "Let them be little". When i heard this the first time, i just had to make one to this song.
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Charmed- I'll be right here waiting for you
A tribute to the old and the new charmed ones ;D Enjoy it Please comment and rate ;D
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Xena & Gabrielle - I Love You, Goodbye
Xena is taking the hard goodbye to Gabrielle, her bestfriend. Even if she really dont want to leave, she has to. In this video she's trying to comfort Gabby by telling her that she will find someone better, someone who will be better for her, then what she(Xena) was to her. That will take better care of her, even if she want to do that. Hope you like;) Celine Dion - I love you, goodbye
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Xena & Gabrielle - Why Can't I
A video about Xena & Gabby's friendship and love for eachother. Liz Phair - Why Can't I
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Piper, Leo and Wyatt
Clips from the episode were Wyatt is born. Song: Celine Dion. A new day has comed
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Gabrielle- Who not make mistakes
A video dedicated to our beloved Gabrielle, Xena's bestfriend. This is a tribute to all of her funny moments in the show, and a prof that even Gabrielle can make mistakes sometime ;)
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Xena & Gabrielle - "When you're gone"
A video about Xena & Gabrielle, and the miss from Gabrielle. Someone suggested for me to use this song, and here is the video. Hope it came out the way you people like it ;) Enjoy!
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Xena - Explosive
A video set to the song "Explosive". Hope you like it! It was a challeng by TriniLiyah. Made one for Charmed too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsWB9-iOLxU
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Xena- Requiem For Friendship
Who are Xena and Gabrielle? What have they been trough to become who they are, to themself and eachother? Requiem.
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Charmed - Slipped Away
A video to tribute Prue, and the love to her from those she left behind.
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The Halliwell sisters- Good Enough
This is also a movie to tribute the real charmed ones, Prue, Piper and Phoebe:P Song: Evancense-Good enough I had to switch song, because of copyrights=/ So the music doesn't fit to well with the video :)
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Xena - I'll Be At Your Side
A videoabout how Xena and Gabrielle always is there for eachother. I found this song, and when i listened to it, it screamed Xena & Gabby to me. Hope it does to you to. "At your side" by The corrs
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Charmed- Piper's sorrow - Someone's watching over me
A video about Piper's feelings after loosing her sister, Prue. Everyone who have lost somebody close to them, know how much it hurts, and i think Holly was great getting those feeling in to her character Piper.
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Xena & Gabrielle - I Promise You
A video to Xena & Gabrielle's relationship as friends and soulmates. Enjoy ;)
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Xena - Evil or Good?
A video of mostly fighting scenes of Xena as evil & good. Includes some clips of Gabrielle & Eve. The transision between Evil & good is white, so you understand that :) Hope you enjoy ;)
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Charmed- Viva forever
A video dedicated to all four of the Halliwell sisters through the years. Some of these clips comes from trailers, but some from episodes and other clips i have.
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Titanic - Kate Winslet - "Come Josephine,..."
Here's another Titanic song;) This one is with a slideshow of Rose & Jack:) I have lost all my clips, so i will have to get all back before i can make another music video=/ But hope ya all like this one, I tried to make the best out of it :) And so it just said, the song came up with the name that stands on the video, and i dont know if it the right one;) Enjoy! I also just have to say i dont like "bad"-comments, and dont understand why anybody bother doing it:) Just go over to another:) The pictures are from make-it-count.org. Thanx! :)
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Charmed/Smallville- One in a million
A video of the love between Piper and Leo, and Lana and Clark;) Song: One in a million(L)
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Xena & Gabrielle - Footprints In The Sand
A video about the great moments, and some sad, between Xena & Gabby, and how they always are there for eachother no matter what. Enjoy!
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Xena & Gabrielle - Stay another day
Here's a video about Xena & Gabrielle again, this is one about Gabrielle remembering the times they had. The song was a tip from a Xenafan ;) Thanx! :)
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Xena and Gabrielle - Footloose
Funny moments of the tv-series Xena Warrior Princess, set to the song Footloose by Kenny Rogers. Hope you like it!
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Wyatt & Chris's lullabye (Reba McEntire)
A slideshow with pictures of Wyatt and Christopher (Chris) as children. The song used is by Reba McEntire, and was sung in the episode were her granddaughter is born, in "Reba". Its called "Angel's lullabye"
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Titanic - My heart will go on(remix)
This video is about Jack & Rose, with the remix song of my heart will go on=) Hope you like =) I haven't made the song, i just found it on limewire, so im not taking any credit for it ;) And i also have to say i hate comments like one i got "Stick to washing floors" Why come up with these stupid things instead of saying what you mean!?!? And if its bad comments, why are you watching the video?! Just go over to a new one....The most of you that comment like this, haven't eader made any videos...Propaly beacuse you cant:) Well, just had to say that ;) BTW thanx to all of you who has watch my video and liked it ;) Thats make me really happy ;) Love, Malin.
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Leo and Piper- A love that will last
A video of Piper and Leos relationship=D Song: Celine Dion- A new has comed
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Lucy Lawless - Our Warrior Princess
A video tribute to Lucy Lawless, our warrior princess, Xena.
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Another tribute to the Halliwell sisters ;D
Another video dedicated to the Halliwell sisters(L) Song: Within Temptations- Angels(L)
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Xena- The rift
A video that shows what happend between Gabrielle and Xena, when the needed to deal with Hope and Dahak. Hope you like, and please comment and rate =) Song: Within Temptations- Stand my ground (used to be...)
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The Charmed Ones- Superfabulous
This is another video to tribute the new charmed ones...:P Hope you like =) Please leave a comment (A) Song: BT- Superfaboulus
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Eve- There's No Alternative
A video about Eve and when she was Livia.
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Charmed - Sisters forever - We are family
A video dedicated to the four Halliwell sisters; Prue, Piper, Phoebe & Paige:) A mix of all the sisters together ;)
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