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iPhone: Steve Jobs visits the Apple Store in Palo Alto
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/06/iphone_steve_jobs_pays_a_visit_at_the_apple_store_in_palo_alto.php I knew that Steve Jobs was coming to Palo Alto when I saw a PR friend of mine (Hi, Kirstin!) who's usually there when he is! How lucky though as he could have gone to Valley Fair in Cupertino (where Woz was waiting in line overnight!) or San Francisco. But I guessed that leaving a few blocks from downtown Palo Alto, Jobs would pop inside and feel this crazy atmosphere for himself ;-) http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/06/iphone_steve_jobs_pays_a_visit_at_the_apple_store_in_palo_alto.php
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Moore's Law Ends in 2020
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/02/moores_law_ends_in_2010_cadence_cto_predicts.php So what's going on with Moore's Law, which states that transistor density on integrated circuits doubles every 18 months? For Gordon Moore, as in... Moore's law... we have another 10 to 20 years before we reach a fundamental limit. But today at a panel on the "Future of the Electronics Industry" hosted during the DesignCon conference, Cadence CTO Ted Vucurevich's prediction, although in Moore's range, was less optimistic. According to the Cadence exec, "traditional scaling" as we know it will hit a wall in 12 years. Beyond that, "vertical scaling" which is the action of stacking up chips could be the way to go, although those chips will be much more complex to design and build. "From a purely technological point of view we figure that you will not be able to use any known form of removal heat being able to go beyond about 1 nanometre in terms of devices [...] But the interconnects do not scale anywhere close to that same level and that's going to cause us some interesting challenges [...] I don't know if we're going to see practical scaling much beyond the 6 nanometres node [...] So i put kind of the end of traditional silicon based probably around 2020", Vucurevich said. I also liked Vucurevich comments about the iPhone, not being that technologically advanced as some would think. "The iPhone doesn't represent leading edge technology in almost any dimension when you look at that phone!" http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/02/moores_law_ends_in_2010_cadence_cto_predicts.php
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Inside Facebook by Chamath Palihapitiya
Inside Facebook by Chamath Palihapitiya
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Neurosky Stanley Yang CEO
Neurosky Stanley Yang CEO
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Voodoo Envy Laptop
Voodoo Envy Laptop
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I love my Mac!, says Microsoft chief
At Apple's developer confab today in San Francisco, Phil Schiller decided to pick on Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO. Apple's vice-president of marketing was demonstrating the Photo Booth effect feature in Apple's instant messenging application, iChat, that allows you to choose any photo you want to represent yourself, instead of your own face!, during the video chat conversation. So, funny enough, Schiller chose Ballmer's and the new special effect digitally inserted his mouth in the picture of the Microsoft's chief and said after that: I love my Mac! [then poked out his tongue to all the Mac fanatics in the audience... how rude!]
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DriveSavers: All hard drives fail!
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HotOrNot: From Nothing to $20M in 7 years!
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/02/hotornot_from_nothing_to_20m_in_8_years_video.php Today, Silicon Valley blog TechCrunch is reporting that dating web site HotOrNot has been sold to Canadian company Avid Life Media, "a network of targeted niche brands with highly engaged users", for around $20M. According to Markus Frind, CEO of free online dating site PlentyofFish.com, Avid Life Media is a front for ashleymadison.com, "a dating site for married people that want to cheat". Is this whole dating space heating up or what? Just a few monts ago we met with HotOrNot co-founder James Hong at a Churchill Club event where he was telling his amazing story: from humble beginnings to real phenomenon, even inspiring ABC's reality television show, "Are You Hot? The Search for America's Sexiest People". "We started in October 2000 [...] on borrowed space [...] and quickly realised that it was not going to work out. We almost took the site down because [...] according to our current bandwith consumption this site is going to cost us $100,000 a month and doubling every 5 minutes!", said Hong Inspite being $60,000 in debts, then students Hong and co-founder Jim Young made a barter deal with IT hosting company Rackspace: "publicity" for a server and bandwith. And I guess the rest is history... with a nice happy ending... even though some find the amount offered too low for such a profitable start-up! http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/02/hotornot_from_nothing_to_20m_in_8_years_video.php
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Moving from Blackberry to iPhone is dirt simple
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/moving_from_blackberry_to_iphone_is_dead_simple_video.php According to Apple's VP of iPhone software, Scott Forstall, migrating from blackberries to iPhone is now "dirt simple". And this thanks to enterprise configuration tools that will be available through the iPhone enterprise programme and that will let IT administrators create dynamically "profiles" that'll include all the enterprise settings for Microsoft Exchange, VPN, security, etc. And for Forstall, it's as easy as "a single tap on a web page". "There's never been anything like this for a mobile device", said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. On top of this, with the release of the SDK, I expect developers to write applications/utilities that will let iPhones talk directly to Blackberry servers or Lotus Notes servers, such as Activesync lets the iPhone sync directly with a Microsoft Exchange server. Actually, a Blackberry server connector might be the easiest and most cost effective way to connect iPhones to current IT infrastructures that already have installed/set-up Blackberry servers to connect with their email servers. Though, that'd be fun to see Blackberry/Notes connectors to receive iFunds :-) http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/moving_from_blackberry_to_iphone_is_dead_simple_video.php
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Logitech unveils the Air Mouse!
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/07/logitech_unveils_the_air_mouse.php Yesterday, Logitech unveiled it's wireless MX Air dubbed the "Air Mouse". It's a sleek rechargeable laser mouse that, when you pick it up turns off the laser sensor and uses the dual embedded MEMs gyroscopes inside it to detect angular motion in the air, as well as an accelerometer, so the mouse knows which way is up. Nothing news if you are a Nintendo Wii gamer! "All the motion computation is done in the mouse... You just have to plug the Air Mouse to your notebook or desktop system to start using it... There's no setup required", said a Logitech product manager. A touch sensitive scroll-panel replaces the traditional scroll wheel The Air Mouse does not have a scroll wheel. Instead, the MX Air uses a touch-sensitive "scroll panel" for super fast scrolling with the touch of a finger. A swipe of the finger across the surface enables the inertial scrolling mechanism, which adjusts its speed according to the speed of the finger swipe. Logitech's MX Air cost about $150, more than twice the price of Gyration's GO 2.4 Optical Air Mouse. "Gyration's air mouse uses a mechanical gyroscope and is not as responsive than ours", insisted the Logitech rep. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/07/logitech_unveils_the_air_mouse.php
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The Best Kept Secret to Fund a Start-Up: Convertible Notes
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Sun Java Strategy Collides with Adobe, Microsoft and Nokia!
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/10/sun_clarifies_java_strategy_on_a_collision_course_with_adobe_microsoft_and_nokia.php Yesterday evening, Sun's VP of Software, Rich Greene, and James Gosling, the father of Java, gave an update on JavaFX: the new Java platform introduced earlier this year at JavaOne. This session was indeed needed because in a typical fashion, Sun's naming/branding is quite confusing and JavaFX is no different! Anyway, JavaFX is a set of NEW multimedia rich functions (video, graphics...) added to the CURRENT version of Java for the desktop aka Java SE 6 aka Java virtual machine. "It's a direct competitor to Adobe's Flash/Flex platform", Gosling confirmed. Sun also indistinguishably uses the JavaFX name for its Java platform that targets desktops, smartphones and set-top boxes. The idea is that in the long run, JavaFX will become the default/common Java platform for all these devices. Today, each of these devices run a different version of Java, making the "write once, run anywhere" motto impossible to achieve. But wait, there's more. JavaFX script is a new scripting language targeting the "designers" making it easy for the "right brains" to create multimedia rich applications in Java. Not to confuse with the Java language targeted to the "left brains"/developers! And there's also a new JavaFX integrated development environment (IDE) targeted to designers, that hasn't got a name yet but my guess is that it'll probably start with... you guessed... JavaFX! Finally, there's JavaFX mobile which is a complete operating systems for mobile phones and builds on the assets of now defunct start-up SavaJE (bought by Sun in May). It has a Linux kernel, low level codecs, custom C librairies, several engines (HTML rendering, media framework, database), Java SE (desktop), Java ME (for lower end phones) and JavaFX script. "And JavaFX mobile is a competitor to all the other OSes for mobile phones like Windows Mobile, Motorola's or Symbian", added Gosling. Confused? You're not alone... another reason why you shouldn't let engineers run your marketing organisation! http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/10/sun_clarifies_java_strategy_on_a_collision_course_with_adobe_microsoft_and_nokia.php
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Ruby can't scale as good as Java
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Nvision: Nvidia CEO Talks About Chip Failure
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Marc Benioff Vision Keynote - Cloud Computing Lecture
Marc Benioff Vision Keynote - Cloud Computing Lecture
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Nvision: Nvidia CEO Loves VIA's Nano
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VMware co-founder on the future of virtualisation
VMware co-founder on the future of virtualisation
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Dell's H2C cooling system
The XPS 7 series H2C family of high-end gaming PCs integrates a liquid-cooling system (H2C) to cool down the Intel quad-core processor. Dell CTO Kevin Kettler is giving us a short description of how it works.
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China Inc. is closest competitor, says Cisco CEO
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/07/china_inc_is_closest_competitor_says_cisco_ceo_video.php Inspite what Cisco's CEO says, on him not being focus on what his competition does, John Chambers sees "China Inc." as the closest rival to his company model. The San Jose company seems not to worry about the new Alcatel/Lucent company, at least not in the near future, and even less about Nortel, Nokia/Siemens or Ericsson. Chambers is not loosing much sleep on China-based Huawei anymore. "Huawei was probably a topic we would have spent a fair amount of time 2 to 3 years ago. You haven't heard much at this session. They have strengths. I like their leadership team [...] gets really good engineers which I love to steal but they have focus more on 3G and 4G. And while we still see them around the world, we actually do remarkably well on emerging countries which used to be their strength", said John Chambers. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/07/china_inc_is_closest_competitor_says_cisco_ceo_video.php
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Intel Sr VP Manufacturing on the Benefits of 45nm
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/11/intel_manufacturing_boss_warns_of_competitors_less_performance_minded_technology_video.php At the Intel Penryn launch in San Francisco's Ritz-Carlton hotel on Nov 12th, William Holt explained the "goodness" of moving to a 45-nm process (from 65-nm) and to hafnium-based High-k and Metal Gate transistors. The combination of these 2 technologies provides more than a 20 percent increase in transistor performance and 30% reduction in power consumption. Which leads to Holt charged comment: "for those who do not move [to High-K metal gate], they will have a less performance minded technology". Holt also confirmed that Intel will be moving to emerging lithography for its 32-nm chips. Finally, according to Holt, the new Penryn chips are much "cleaner" as they are the first ones in the industry to be totally lead and halogen free. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/11/intel_manufacturing_boss_warns_of_competitors_less_performance_minded_technology_video.php
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The Apple iPhone Has a Lot of Restrictions vs Google Android
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/android_is_not_just_an_os_its_a_whole_phone_plateform.php It's only Day 2 of eComm and I'm already exhausted! As Dryburgh promised, this is a really fast paced event: 15-mns sessions, followed by 5-mns lightning talks and a few 30-mns keynotes... and this all day long! This afternoon will be the first one hour panel on mobile mashups. But the lack of proper Wi-Fi connectivity is really annoying. Anyway, this morning starts with Google's manager of Wireless, Rich Miner (pictured) sharing his views of the mobile telecom space and about his baby... Android. Inspite of his telco pedigree - he was working in the past at France Telecom's Orange Labs -, Miner had little sympathy for carriers who "failed" to bring the Internet to mobile devices and "came up with web browser standards who were very limiting". "They came up with arcane limited versions of HTML. So our whole world is moving to XHTML and more robust versions of browsers, these guys focused on limited sets. Turns out the iPhone proves what you can do on a mobile device and the Internet... What you're going to see is Webkit like full HTML and XML 2.0wy type web browsers appearing in phones. They are now in all the series 60 mobile phones that are shipping, the iPhone, Android." With Android you can build any type of phones: from low-end phones to smartphones During Q&A, Miner admitted that the first phones will probably be focused on very powerful internet connected mobile devices but it doesn't have to stay that way. "This is a completely open mobile stack. If you're a hardware OEM and you're trying to reduce the cost it takes to manufacturing mobile phones, you have one powerful operating system that can scale your range from low-end feature phones, all the way up to the most powerful smartphones, simply by striping elements out or reducing the capabilities" Android is not an open development effort Inspite being a collaborative effort between Google, software developers, handset OEMs and carriers that helped Google create the stack and make decisions about what should be in the platform or not, Minor insisted that Android was not an "open" development effort, like for example OpenMoko is. "Google had reference designs. We were effectively the architect. Because we're not building this as an open community development effort. We're building this as a well engineered design system with strong design leadership, with clear knowledge of what pieces we needed... to build that system". However, Miner confirmed that the whole Android stack will be open source. At which point the community will have more say in future functionalities. Something similar to Apple's management of the Webkit development process, where Google, Nokia, individuals and others contribute to the open source browser development. Miner also confirmed that the first Android handsets will be launched in the second half of 2008. In response of a question as to whether developers should build apps for the iPhone or Android, he said that it depends on the app developers want to build. "There are just certain apps you can't build on an iPhone. They don't let you do multi-process things, they don't let you run app in the background after you switch from one app to another. You can't interpret things. You can't have interpreted languages in your apps on an iPhone. There's a lot of restrictions. So you should first look and see, does the iPhone allow me to do what I want to do. Ultimately my belief is that any start-up company or company that is trying to build a popular app will see that app on both platforms. They are both very contemporary programming environments. As long as somebody cleans the architecture system and uses contemporary programming techniques, it shouldn't be too hard to maintain multiple versions of successful apps across the iPhone and Android". http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/android_is_not_just_an_os_its_a_whole_phone_plateform.php
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Apple Totally Controls iPhone Fate, Not Carriers!
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/apple_totallly_controls_iphone_fate_not_carriers_video.php After last week's iPhone announcement, It seems quite clear now who's in control in the Apple-AT&T relationship. Not only Apple perceives a cut off the carrier's iPhone subscribers bill (that's why Apple is accounting the iPhone revenues differently from the iPod touch), but the Cupertino company also gets to choose what applications subscribers can load onto their iPhone. So far, developers had to beg carriers to put their applications on their "deck" before the carriers' subscribers can load them on their phone. The carriers then charge the subscriber for usage and gives a small cut to developers. But with the iPhone, Apple totally reversed the "deck". AT&T has no say on what applications are available on its network and is simply cut off from that revenue stream. I guess this what Steve Jobs meant about his "new kind of relationship" with the carriers: he gets to do what he wants and make money out of it, the carriers just provide the wireless pipe! "We have great relationships with our carriers and we struck a new kind of relationship with our carriers where Apple is responsible for the software on the phone.... We're running the developer programme, we're distributing the apps... This is our programme and we're running it", said Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Last November, Verizon announced its "Any Apps, Any device" open strategy and will disclose more details on an upcoming conference in New York next week. But it's going to be slow to change mentalities in the carrier world and without someone like Steve Jobs to push real hard an AT&T, I don't think that'll happen anytime soon. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/apple_totallly_controls_iphone_fate_not_carriers_video.php
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Voodoo Rahul Sood tears down the HP Blackbird 002
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/09/dont_buy_a_voodoo_pc_get_a_blackbird_voodoo_founder_says.php What a show! Surrounded by top models (Petra was there!), tennis player Serena Williams and more (check video here soon), it was hard to get through the various stations where HP was presenting its new handhelds, PCs and workstations. But the showstopper was Blackbird 002, HP's latest gaming PC. And according to Voodoo co-founder Rahul Sood, Blackbird "obliterates the competition". Actually, it does it so well that it even obliterates Voodoo's top of the line PC, the Omen. And I after his presentation, I asked Rahul what should I buy, between Blackbird 002 and a Voodoo PC and his answer came as an astonishing surprise. "If you have to buy a gaming PC today, get the Blackbird. It has the best engineering. We are working on a complete new generation of Voodoo PC that will even more blow you away. Stay tuned", said Rahul Sood. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/09/dont_buy_a_voodoo_pc_get_a_blackbird_voodoo_founder_says.php
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Kara Swisher: Google is dangerous
Kara Swisher: Google is dangerous
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Steve Jobs introduces iMovie '08
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/08/apple_redesigns_imovie_much_simpler_video.php Apple did create a new logo for it to show that it is a completely different version. Just like that engineer, I found the old iMovie too hard to use. And I can't wait to get my hands on it. Two other features I like: being able to add a subtitle (perhaps a logo?) on the whole length of the movie, which you could not do before, at least not easily, and the YouTube upload feature as I upload most of the videos on Google's video site anyway. Apple did create a new logo for it to show that it is a completely different version. Just like that engineer, I found the old iMovie too hard to use. And I can't wait to get my hands on it. Two other features I like: being able to add a subtitle (perhaps a logo?) on the whole length of the movie, which you could not do before, at least not easily, and the YouTube upload feature as I upload most of the videos on Google's video site anyway. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/08/apple_redesigns_imovie_much_simpler_video.php
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Google to let users annotate, add pictures on Sky/Cosmos
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/08/google_will_let_users_annotate_and_add_pictures_to_google_sky_vp_says_video.php Google Sky is a new service launched last week that allows you to virtually tour the Cosmos in 3D and watch the stars from any point on Earth. Google Sky was developed (and still in beta!) with some of the world's leading observatories, including NASA, and allows you to zoom and navigate through more than 200 million galaxies and take a detailed tour around 100 million individual solar systems... just like as you would do on Google Map. Sky appears as a new feature/button on Google Earth, Google's virtual geography applications for Mac, Linux and Windows. At the Search Engine Strategies conference held in San Jose, Google VP, Marissa Mayer, said that Google is looking to have a large community component around Google Sky just like with Maps that let people edit local businesses listings and make changes to the maps. "We'll be interested in Google Sky to have people annotate. I think we may make possible in the future for us to start let people uploading particular pictures they have. Right now, there are some interface challenges because we don't have a way of showing multiple versions of the same imagery but overall I do think that we'll see a layer of annotations available", Mayer said. http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/08/google_will_let_users_annotate_and_add_pictures_to_google_sky_vp_says_video.php
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All Mac OS X versions available in October for $129
Not much news about Leopard, Apple's next version of the Mac OS X operating system. During his keynote, Steve Jobs talked about 10 out of the 300+ new features. You'll find more details on Apple's web site on Leopard, here (all the new features), here (what Jobs presented) or in last year's press release! Overall, I liked the native 64-bits support, which means that we should see very soon a refresh of the Mac mini line which is still shipping with a 32-bits processor, Bootcamp ("the most compatible and fastest solution to run Windows on a Mac"), Time Machine (an easy to use backup application), and 2 new tools to build widgets for the Mac OS dashboard: one for end-users called the Web Clip tool in Safari, that will turn any web page into a real-time widget that you then can add to the Dashboard; and Dashcode a development environment for professional programmers. The rest was mainly cosmetic changes to me: new finder, new desktop, workspaces... Pricing-wise, I'm not really happy of forking $129 every other year for just an "update" release of an OS that really should come with the Apple hardware. Isn't it everything about that tight integration between my Mac and the "big cat". In all fairness, Mac OS x/Leopard sure looks cheap when you compare it to... say Microsoft's Windows Vista Home Premium ($160) or Vista Ultimate version ($260)!
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great intel in graphics
great intel in graphics
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Nvision: Nvidia CEO on Intel Larabee
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Belkin TuneStudio
belkin tunestudio
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Centrino 2 Launch: Benchmarks!
Centrino 2 Launch: Benchmarks!
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Google's secret power supplies
For the first time, Google showed some current design of custom power supplies used in their server farms. The search company has a team of hardware engineers dedicated to the design of motherboards and other electronic components that go into Google's servers to make them more power efficient. These engineers will then go to OEM manufacturers and suppliers and order these custom-built servers.
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How to Attract Traffic to Your Site? Blogs, PR and Paid Ads
How to Attract Traffic to Your Site? Blogs, PR and Paid Ads
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Dell management strategy part 1
My great movie.
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[f8] Zuckerberg keynote part 3
[f8] Zuckerberg keynote part 3
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Google Vic Gundotra Explains Salesforce Partnership
Google Vic Gundotra Explains Salesforce Partnership
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AVX Presentation by Stephen Smith
My great movie.
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Chip Shot: Intel Atom is Half the Performance of Celeron
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/chip_shot_intel_atom_is_half_the_performance_of_celeron_video.php After the end of the formal executives presentations at the Intel Investor conference, I wandered around the demo area set up in the same building, looking for some cool new technologies. To me the most interesting one was, "news oblige", the Atom booth where Intel engineers were showing prototypes of Nettops using the upcoming low-power Atom processor. I chatted with Nettop general manager Noury Al-Khaledy (pictured) about his Atom-based desktop that could sell at the super low price of 200 dollars. Inspite the Atom CPU low performance, about half of the Celeron chip (the Atom chip is supposed to be th smallest [performing] element of computing), I thought it was enough power to surf the web or watch a standard definition movie. "It's purposed built from the ground up to deliver an Internet centric usage model. Very simply what that means is, if you want to surf the Web... It does that great... It's a consumption based machine (social networking, web browsing, very light editing)... It's a very aspirational box for someone who's trying to do a Net type of experience. If for example you want to watch HD video or you want to decode or encode videos, then we'll be looking at a Core 2 Duo box... Pricing will be around $199 to $250 price range... The mobile version of that, you would expect a $250 to $299 price range", said Al-Khaledy. And as a souvenir, Intel gave all the conference attendees a sample of the Atom chip... pretty cool! http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/chip_shot_intel_atom_is_half_the_performance_of_celeron_video.php
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[Google I/O] Google's Browser Strategy on the Desktop
[Google I/O] Google's Browser Strategy on the Desktop
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Cisco Jayshree
Cisco Jayshree
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[CES '08] A Motorised Mount Arm That Costs More Than A Flat
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/01/ces_08_a_motorised_mount_arm_that_costs_more_than_a_flat_panel_tv_video.php As a new owner of a $1,000 Panasonic Plasma TV, I'm not yet ready to fork $800 for OmniMount's mounting arm albeit motorised! Actually, you can find the Motion 52 on Amazon for $470. Anyway, Kimberly Fabiano (pictured) of OmniMount seems quite confident that the newly smooth and silent tilting motorised arm that was co-developed with Samsung and supports 37" to 52" flat panel TVs will find lots of geeky homes around the US! http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/01/ces_08_a_motorised_mount_arm_that_costs_more_than_a_flat_panel_tv_video.php
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Marissa Mayer on Google's privacy policy
Privacy matters for Google, so proclaims Marissa Mayer, Google's search VP. So if you sign up for any Google service, the search company will protect your personal data, while using it to increase functionality and relevance. But if you don't, then it's totally anoymous... you choose!
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IDF Research & Development keynote: Programmable Matter
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Are you a good entrepreneur? Build your Rolodex first!
According to Steve Bengston, who runs the Emerging Company Services group at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and who I met at an SDForum event about the role of corporate venture capital in the tech ecosystem, China will catch up the US in VC investments in just 6 years. "VC investment in China was about $2B last year [about 70% of that is in the technology sector]. And grew about 50%. And if it keeps growing 50% and we stay flat, as we've been for the past 5 years, VC investments in China will be same as the US in about 6 years". That explains why all the major VC firms are setting up a beach head in China to look for early stage companies to invest in. Entrepreneurs of the world, build a strong Rolodex! Bengston, who also presents the quaterly MoneyTree Report, a study of venture capital investment activity in the United States, had an advice for entrepreneurs: "The great test of whether you are a good entrepreneur is whether or not you have a good Rolodex. If you don't have a good rolodex, you got other problems!" Why are large private equity firms investing in technology companies? "It's a natural evolution. Private equity firms have generally existed in traditional industries that are more mature. And now that technology is getting more mature, it's a natural transition for these firms to use the same financial analysis, the same metrics to go after technology companies as they used to go after traditional ones. I think that was a predictable trend, but there's still not much intersection between private equity and venture capital." What advice would you give to an entrepreneur looking to raise money? "I suspect that the majority of the seed and early stage deals done by venture capital firms, are with entrepreneurs they have already done a transaction with in the past. So there's less due diligence, more confidence and little supervision required. I think it's much harder for someone coming out of school or coming out of a company that doesn't have a start-up success under their belt to approach a venture world for a seed investment of an unproven concept. My advice then would be to get the Web site up, get some traction and go back to them. But remember that most successful firms often need very little money, when you see at the history of microsoft, oracle, sap... who were so successful that customers were actually funding them." A last word on valuations? "Valuations for later stage firms appear high relative to current exit value. You are starting to have late stage valuation $70-80 million "pre" when the average merger and acquisition is also $70-80 million "pre"!"
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iPhone Usage Statistics
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/apple_to_launch_iphone_20_in_june_released_sdk_and_extensive_enterprise_features_video_1.php Some iPhone statistics to warm up the audience Steve Jobs, in his usual black turtle and jeans uniform started with some statistics about the iPhone, 8 months after its launch: * In Q4, the iPhone is 28% of the U.S. smartphone market share behind RIM (41%) and ahead of Motorola (9%) and Palm (7%) * iPhone garnered 71% of U.S. mobile browser market way ahead of Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer (12%) and Palm (9%) http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2008/03/apple_to_launch_iphone_20_in_june_released_sdk_and_extensive_enterprise_features_video_1.php
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Java is the best multi-core platform in the world
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Kara Swisher on social networks, Facebook
Kara Swisher on social networks, Facebook
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Mapping the World: A Look Inside Tele Atlas Vans
http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/10/mapping_the_world_a_look_inside_tele_atlas_vans_video.php At the CTIA show, I talked to one of Tele Atlas' "van intern", Ashwin Balan on how the company is using vans to map the world in 2D and 3D. There's actually quite a lot of technology inside and outside those vans, including 8 cameras triggered every 8 metres by a distance measurement indicator sensor (DMI) mounted on the rear wheel, a server that stores the JPEG images, a differential GPS that pinpoints the location of the vehicle to a quarter of an inch and a laser for 3D images. For the system to work, the vans can not go over 33 miles per hour in the city and 60 miles on the highway. It'll take a month for one of these vans to map the whole San Francisco.But it'll take between 2 weeks up to several months to process all the data collected on a particular day, depending on how backlogged/busy the group that do that at TeleAtlas is. And the company has 24 of these vans! http://www.uberpulse.com/us/2007/10/mapping_the_world_a_look_inside_tele_atlas_vans_video.php
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Intel Centrino 2 Launch: Commercial
Intel Centrino 2 Ad
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Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg on Techcrunch50 and DEMO
Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg on Techcrunch50 and DEMO
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