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Stuff Pines Campers Say
Stuff Pines Campers Say
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 9 - Jock Jams
Y'all ready for this? Make sure to watch it until the end! Thanks Week 9 for such a great swan song for #Wonder2017! www.thepines.org
The Pines 2018 Lip Dub - Week 4 - Greatest Show
We had a lot of fun with this week's lip dub! Week 4, thank you for helping us put on the greatest show!
Stuff Pines' Campers DON'T Say
Stuff Pines' Campers DON'T Say! www.thepines.org
The Pines Senior Staff 2018 - Avengers
The Man is at it again! Will our Senior Staff be able to stop him? Starring John "Big Tuna" Egan as Executive Director of Ministry Carla "Fergie" Swanson as Camp Administrator Kyle "McCoy" Hatfield as Programs Director Andrew "Hasselhoff" McKenna as Director of Logistics and Formation Anthony "Kenobi" Gerhart as Director of Communications and Media Rebecca "EOS" Lindberg as Logistics Coordinator Trystan "Yeti" Given as SWAT Coordinator Lo "Yolo" Schubilske as SPOPS Coordinator Lauren "Rootie" Engelbert as Programs Coordinator Molly "Alpine" Sause as Activities Coordinator Laura "Audzaur" White as Head Female Todd "Tater Tot" Fernandez as Head Male Katie "Snackz" Fairchild as Water Village Coordinator Nigh "Aero" Herndon as Branch Village Coordinator Luke "Lata" Ryder as Fire Village Coordinator AND Rick Villarreal as Executive Director of Operations and Development Vickie "Twixie" Pybus as Director of Operations Kerri Chen as Director of Special Projects Taylor "Peanut" Atkinson as Dallas Office Administrator Gretchen "GG" Garey as Camp Office Administrator AND Ronald Tuttle as himself
The Pines Catholic Camp - Teen Week 2015 Lip Dub - Shut Up and Dance
Check out The Pines online at www.thepines.org!
The Pines Catholic Camp 2011 - Week 4 Lip Dub (Friday)
We'll miss you, Week 4 Campers! No copyright intended "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."
The Pines Catholic Camp Lip Dub - Week 5 2015 - Geronimo
Check us out online at www.thepines.org!
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 8 - Higher and Higher
Your love lifted us higher and higher, Week 8! www.thepines.org
The Pines 2018 Lip Dub - Week 8 - Mr Roboto
Domo arigato for such a great time, Week 8! See you again soon! www.thepines.org
The Pines 2018 Lip Dub - Week 6 - Accidentally in Love
We love you Week 6, and that's no accident! www.thepines.org
Rustic Cabins are getting a little Cooler...
Year after year we listen to your requests and try best to improve our facilities on camp. One major request we hear over and over is Air Conditioning! Well you asked for it and you got it. We are in the middle of retrofitting all rustic cabins with a window A/C unit! Campers, we better see you out here this Summer, Under My "Air Conditioned" Roof! Register now at www.thepines.org/register If you are interested in Adopting a Cabin, for $1500 you can sponsor the renovation costs for a cabin. Call our Dallas office 214-522-6533 to make the donation or learn more at www.thepines.org.
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 6 - Brother
We'll never leave you all alone! Thanks for an awesome session, Week 6! See you next summer! www.thepines.org
The Pines 2018 Lip Dub - Week 3 - Waving Flag
Week 3 celebrated the World Cup with us! Thanks for an awesome week! www.thepines.org
Senior Staff 2016 - Parks and Rec
Meet your 2016 Senior Staff! Join us this summer for #RadLove2016! www.thepines.org
2018 The Pines Lip Dub - Week 5 - Africa
It's gonna take a lot to drag us away from you, Week 5! www.thepines.org
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 4 - Take On Me
You'll be gone in a day or two! But we'll miss you!
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 7 - Feeling Alive
You made us feel alive, Week 7! See you next summer! www.thepines.org
2016 Week 2 Lip Dub - Heartbeat
www.thepines.org #RadLove2016!
2016 Pines Week 9 Lip Dub - Safety Dance
You can dance if you want to! Check us out at www.thepines.org
The Pines Catholic Camp: More Than Just a Camp
The Pines is more than just a camp. It's a community that strives to walk with the Lord, and in doing so, it fosters true hope and true joy. Summer Camp: www.thepines.org/what-is-summer-camp Staff Applications: www.thepines.org/apply School-Year Missionary Information: www.thepines.org/missionary-staff Ways to Donate: www.thepines.org/giving
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 2 - Gone Gone Gone
We'll love you long after you're gone, Week 2!
The Pines Catholic Camp Promo Video 2012!
Join us for another life-changing summer at The Pines Catholic Camp! For more information about summer 2012 info, dates, and registration, visit http://www.thepines.org! Music ("Under My Roof") provided generously by Chris Padgett (http://www.chris-padgett.com). For the free mp3 from Chris, visit http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17231775/Under%20My%20Roof.mp3
2016 The Pines Week 6 Lip Dub - Pokemon!
Gotta catch 'em all! Pokemon are out in full force even at camp. Enjoy Week 6's lip dub!
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Alive Again - All I Want For Christmas
All I want for Christmas is you! We had an incredible time at Alive Again 2017 --- join us next year! www.thepines.org
The Pines Lip Dub: 2018 Week 1 - Everything is Awesome
Everything is awesome, especially YOU, Week 1 Campers! www.thepines.org
The Pines Lip Dub 2018 - Staff Training (Space Jam)
Our staff is ready for Summer 2018! Are you? It's time to slam now! www.thepines.org
Big D Duck Derby 2013 Promo - The Pines Catholic Camp
Join us in at the Lake Highlands Town Center in Dallas on April 20 for a day full of fun! We'll have food trucks, free activities and games, face painting, entertainment by Cooper Ray, and of course, the big rubber duck race at noon! Adopt a duck online for $5 for a chance to win a $2500 VISA gift card or other great prizes! www.bigdduckderby.com
The Pines 2018 Lip Dub - Week 7 - Billion
7 billion in the world, but we wouldn't have spent Week 7 with anyone but you, campers!
The Pines - 2018 Lip Dub - Week 2 - Sing
Week 2, with you at camp, we couldn't help but sing! www.thepines.org
The Pines Catholic Camp Lip Dub - Week 6 2015 - One Thing
Check us out at www.thepines.org!
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Teen Week - Sweet Victory
Ours for the taking! Looks like Teen Week's got a lot of fight in 'em! www.thepines.org
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 3 - Loving You is Easy
Loving you was easy, Week 3! See you next summer! www.thepines.org
The Pines Catholic Camp Lip Dub - Week 9 2015 - Raging Fire
Check us out online at www.thepines.org!
Introducing the new logo for The Pines!
To read more about our new logo, check out our blog post: https://www.thepines.org/blog/introducing-our-new-logo If you would like a free car sticker with our logo on it, send an email to [email protected] and we'll send one to you! (while supplies last)
The Pines Lip Dub - 2017 Week 1 - Walking on Sunshine
Thanks for a great kickoff to the summer, Week 1! See you next year! www.thepines.org
2016 Week 3 Lip Dub - September
We had some drone trouble in the middle of the day, but we managed to pull together a lip dub at the end of the day for our Week 3 families! Enjoy!
Behind the Scenes: Jock Jams Lip Dub
Do you ever wonder what goes into the making of one of our summer lip dubs? How it's organized, what we use? Learn a little more about the process here! To watch this lip dub, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5nTAaS3RmU
The Pines | End of Summer 2014 Message from Big Tuna
We had over 2,000 campers join us for Summer 2014! We want you to stay a part of the Pines family! We can't wait to see you for Summer 2015, but check out what we have going on before then! www.thepines.org
The Impact of The Pines Catholic Camp
The Pines Catholic Camp changes thousands of lives every year. The ministry of camp is a ministry unlike any other! Come and join the Pines family as we spread the joy of the Gospel and build up the Kingdom of God! Summer Camp: www.thepines.org/register Retreats/Rentals: www.thepines.org/retreatsrentals Giving: www.thepines.org/giving
2016 Teen Week Lip Dub - Can't Stop The Feeling
We'll miss our Teen Week campers! www.thepines.org
The Pines 2018 Lip Dub - Week 9 - Beat It
Week 9 brought their best moves for the last lip dub of Summer 2018! We'll see you all next year! www.thepines.org
The Pines Catholic Camp 2014 Lip Dub - All Star
We had some all-star campers this past summer! http://www.thepines.org
A Day of Summer Camp at The Pines!
This is a sample video update we send out to parents during the week. Lots of great stuff going on every day at camp!
The Pines Senior Staff 2017: Friends
We'll be there for you! #Wonder2017 www.thepines.org
The Pines Games (Hunger Games Parody)
Each summer, our senior staff creates a video to introduce their selves to the rest of staff. In Summer 2012, we had a lot of fun creating a Hunger Games parody, and we decided that we wanted the public to see it as well! Enjoy!
The Pines Catholic Camp - Celebrating 30 Years
From humble beginnings back in 1988, our goal has always been and continues to be to bring the hope of the world, Jesus Christ, to as many people as we can through our camp ministry. We've had countless blessings to have been able to thrive for these 30 years. Please pray for us so that we may continue this ministry for 30 more (and beyond)! --- Music by: Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes Song: Edge of Eternity Composed by: Hannu Honkonen Visit them on: Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/really_slow_... Website: http://www.reallyslowmotion.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReallySlowMo... Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/RSMmusicSound Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/reallyslo... Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/reallyslowmotion
The Pines Catholic Camp 2011 - CIT Lip Dub (Waka Waka)
Looks like The Pines has a promising future staff!
2016 Pines Week 8 Lip Dub - I Want It That Way
If this video doesn't play for you, check it out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePinesCatholicCamp/videos/10155239737824152/ Check us out! www.thepines.org

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