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3T featuring Michael Jackson-Why Lyrics (HD)
Here's another video for you guys ^^ Hope you like it! (: R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-I Like The Way You Love Me Lyrics (HD)
This is the 4th track on the Michael album. Personally, I love this song (: I worked hard on this video so I hope you guys like it ^^ R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Heartbreaker Lyrics (HD)
This is a requested lyric video! I didn't have enough time to put more pictures for the ending but I hope you guys enjoy it anyways ^^ R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Invincible Lyrics
I was still learning the basics on how to make videos when I made this so forgive me if I made a few mistakes! And I am aware that the pictures look a little blurry, I apologize for that but I can't change it now. I didn't think they would come out that way but they did :/ Oh well, I hope you guys enjoy it anyways! ^^ And thanks for watching guys!
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Michael Jackson-Hollywood Tonight Lyrics (HD)
2nd track on the Michael album :) R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Behind The Mask Lyrics (HQ)
One of my favorite songs from the Michael album (: Enjoy! R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Unbreakable Lyrics (HQ)
Unbreakable lyrics! ^^ Sorry I took so long to make another video!. R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-This Time Around Lyrics (HD)
Yes, this video does have the rap lyrics just so you know. Feel free to comment! (: R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Keep Your Head Up Lyrics (HQ)
I finally figured out how to get better quality for my videos! :D Well,enjoy! Next video I'll make: Michael Jackson-Invincible Lyrics R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Best Of Joy Lyrics (HD)
Best of joy lyrics One of my favorite songs on the Michael album :) R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson feat. 50 Cent-Monster Lyrics (HD)
Some say this is Michael singing and some say it's an impersonater..well,i guess it's just a matter of opinion. YOU decide if it's really Michael Jackson or not.. Comment and rate please! :) I worked hard on this video and managed to make it in a few of hours. Well, enjoy! R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Whatever Happens Lyrics (HD)
I personally LOVE this song ^^ Hope you guys like it! (: R.I.P Michael Jackson Oh and I know the slides come up a bit late and I apologize for that. I checked it before I uploaded this video and it was fine but I guess it still sorta messed up. Sorry about that!
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Michael Jackson-Human Nature Lyrics (HD)
Hey i'm working on making more videos since I'm on my summer vacation so keep a lookout for more of my videos if you like em! I'll also be re-doing some of my old videos that I think I can do better on. R.I.P Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson-Stranger in Moscow Lyrics (HD)
I wanted to make a tribute video to the King Of Pop but unfortunately, I wasn't able to :( I feel sooo bad but this'll have to do for now.. I hope you guys like the video! Rest in eternal peace Michael ♥ I love you forever & always..
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Michael Jackson-You Are Not Alone Lyrics (HD)
Lovely song... (: On the Number Ones album! Enjoy! ^^ R.I.P Michael Jackson
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