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When paintings come to life (HD) - a bit scarry, but awesome stuff
Watch in full screen! A path of sighs through the emotions of life. A tribute to the art and her disarming beauty. CREDITS: Director RINO STEFANO TAGLIAFIERRO Assistant Director LAILA SONSINO 2nd Assistant Director CARLOTTA BALESTRIERI Editing - Compositing - Animation RINO STEFANO TAGLIAFIERRO Sound Design ENRICO ASCOLI Art Direction RINO STEFANO TAGLIAFIERRO Historiographer GIULIANO CORTI Time
Minions Feat. Nika Zorjan - Fejst Pomale (Despacito Cover in exotic dialect)
Original: Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee This Despacito cover is sung in one of the most exotic and beautiful dialects in the world, the dialect of "PREKMURJE". Prekmurje is a small region in Slovenia, one of the smallest countries in Europe.
Brutal and Dirty Girl fight
Brutal and Dirty Girl fight
Thick Hot Black Girl Beats the Crap Out of Older Woman
Wow she is thick all over and tore that older woman up. Too bad somebody broke the fight up. I wish she had sat on her face and passed gas.
Flying unicorn Christmas present FAIL
A British family failed to read the instructions on their daughter's brand new flying unicorn toy and watched in horror as the Christmas present flew over their house, never to be seen again. Little Poppy's grandfather bought her the 'Despicable Me' toy for Christmas but the first flight went disastrously wrong shortly after take-off on December 25 when the pink unicorn was taken by a gust of wind and sailed high into the sky and over the house. "We didn't realise that the toy was for indoor use only," Poppy's dad wrote online. "It cost £25 and lasted one flight! I tried to find it in the fields because Poppy was upset but couldn't find it at all. It was completely lost," he added.
UFO * Aliens * The "Star of Bethlehem" The message from aliens * Don't be afraid.
UFO * Aliens * The "Star of Bethlehem" The message from aliens * Don't be afraid.
The masturbating guy !
Cheerful video has EMERGED of a man caught choking his muskrat, to much amusement to the locals.
Drive through liquor store
Drive through liquor store
Russian gamers are raided by SWAT during a live stream
Russian gamers are taken off guard and have their apartment raided by SWAT while doing a live stream.
Man catches shark in tiny net and releases it into open sea
This is the remarkable moment a brave member of the public caught a shark in a tiny net, removed it from a marina and released it into the open sea. The man spotted the shark swimming around the marina in Abacos in the Bahamas with several large sting rays. The sea creatures had been dumped in there by a local fisherman in an attempt to create some kind of sea-life attraction, according to the man. The man resolved to try to help the shark, so got a net and entered the water. "It was filled with rotting bait and fish carcasses," the man told Newsflare. "A group of people started to form and helped locate the shark in the murky water, filled with stingrays," he added. According to the man, local fishermen were jeering as he tried in vain to catch the shark. Then by chance the shark suddenly swam into the net and the man managed to drag it to shore in his arms. Se it yourself...
Texas cafe owner wrestles gunman then shoots at him with gun
Deputies say three suspects wanted in an attempted robbery at a cafe in northwest Harris County are in custody. The incident happened at Bambu Desserts & Drinks on 3010 Gears Rd. near Veterans Memorial around 11 a.m. Thursday morning. Officials tell Eyewitness News the three men went into the business and tried to rob it. One of the suspects pointed a gun at the clerk's head and demanded he open the safe. The cafe owner managed to wrestle the gun away from the suspect and fired it inside the store. A bullet shattered the front door of the business. No one was hurt.
House in Indiana Has Gone Minion Mad With Christmas Decorations
Minion mania has hit New Albany, Indiana, this Christmas as witnessed by the Poe family who were driving through. Almost 70 Christmas minions lit up the yard of the Porteau family who have been decorating their home for Christmas for over 20 years.
Mysterious green fireball spotted above Wakefield, UK
A British man has captured on camera a strange green "fireball" streaking across the skies above Wakefield. The clip, which was filmed on New Year's Eve, shows the ball of light heading towards Earth, before disappearing behind clouds. "Initially we thought it was a firework until we saw orange parts break off from it," the filmer wrote online.
Illusion - Buckets
big bucket is small bucket - Illusion
Honey, I Think We Have a Flat Tire
No, snoogums. We have a flat flat flat flat tire. Tracked the pavement scars all through the surrounding neighborhood. He put some miles on it to do this much damage to it. Obliterated the left rear and the right front shows considerable damage to the wheel well from the rubber flapping at speed.
Fail with crabs :)
Crabs on the floor :)
Trucker Smashes Corolla Unknowingly
The corolla had already stopped at the light and the truck was slowing down. At the last second the corolla signaled in even though it was a solid line. The trucked stopped just inches and we were stopped for like 10 seconds. This means the initial beginning of the video, we were all stopped like that for about 10 seconds.
Funny video #2 This is my ear !!
Funny #2 This is my ear !!
Rain inside car
Rain inside car
Fail video #1 Lifting Platform and Water
Fail video #1 Lifting Platform
Slavs have a huge p....
Warning - Adult Content in the video
New Drug Or Modern Artists
It's hard to say...
Distracted Truck Driver Nearly Kills Minion
Derbyshire, UK - A lorry driver who was typing on his phone when he ploughed into the back of a tractor has been jailed for two years and four months. Michael Morton had been driving a lorry one-handed while using his other to read and reply to texts and search the internet on his smartphone. He was traveling at a speed of about 50mph – near the top speed possible in his vehicle – when he failed to see a tractor in the same lane until the last second.

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