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Bill Walton on Pistol Pete Maravich
Bill Walton talks about a new biography of Pete, recalls a 1974 Jazz vs. Blazers game, and compares the Pistol to Steve Nash. http://www.MaravichBook.com
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Pistol Pete Maravich 68 vs. Knicks Shot-By-Shot [2/25/77]
Shot by Shot. In order. No music. February 25, 1977 vs NY Knicks. http://www.MaravichBook.com
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Pete Maravich Testimony 1987 (Billy Graham Crusade)
Special thanks to the Maravich Family and John Lotz. Brought to you by the book: Pete Maravich - The Authorized Biography of Pistol Pete http://www.MaravichBook.com This video was shot just eight months before Pete Maravich's untimely death.
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Ultimate COLLEGE Pistol Pete Maravich LSU Mix
"A compilation of no-look passes, behind-the-back moves, and circus shots. A reminder of what made him so mind blowing in the first place." SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (March 2007) on this highlight mix. http://www.MaravichBook.com "The definitive biography of Pistol Pete Maravich" ESPN The "essential" Maravich biography. The New York Times The mix brought to you by the new book MARAVICH and the Pete Maravich Memorial Basketball Camp. Pete averaged 44.2 points per game. That remains an all-time NCAA record. But it was HOW he played that burnished his legacy. Welcome to the show. Special thanks to Wayne Federman and LSU Basketball.
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Ultimate Earl "The Pearl" Monroe MIX
The legendary wonder from Philadelphia. Unstoppable. Highly influential style. The master of the spin move. NBA Rookie of the Year. Hall of Famer. NBA Top 50. Averaged over 40 during his senior year in college. For more Earl Monroe footage check out the new ESPN series: Black Magic Commercial free March 16th and 17th. Clips: Philadelphia's Baker League "He Got Game" Winston-Salem State Baltimore Bullets NY Knicks. Earl Monroe was also known as "Thomas Edison" and "Black Jesus."
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Pistol Pete Maravich plays HORSE
Pete Maravich demonstrates an array of creative shots as he beats Bob McAdoo, George "Iceman" Gervin, and Kevin Grevey in clips from NBA's 1977-78 HORSE tournament. http://www.MaravichBook.com The referee is Mendy Rudolph - recently inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. There is also a brief view of Pete's wife, Jackie Maravich, seen in the stands (Red Hair)). Special thanks to Wayne Federman and David Miller.
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Rare Pistol Pete Maravich Commercials (Vitalis)
Three hard-to-find Vitalis Dry Control spots from the early 1970s. Bristol-Myers created a television and print campaign for Pete when he first signed with the Atlanta Hawks. (Notice Hawk teammate Lou Hudson in spot #2) Brought to you by the book, MARAVICH: http://www.MaravichBook.com "The definitive biography of Pistol Pete." ESPN Look for the new paperback version in October 2008. Thanks to John Park for discovering some footage.
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Ultimate Pistol Pete Maravich MIX
Full Audio Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATOHSfduRMU The #1 Pete Maravich highlight MIX on the web. Featured in DIME Magazine (May 2007) and Sports Illustrated (March 2007). Brought to you by the acclaimed biography, MARAVICH Now available in paperback - Pete Maravich: The Authorized Biography of Pistol Pete. http://www.MaravichBook.com "The definitive biography of Pistol Pete Maravich" ESPN This is, by far, the most complete Pistol Pete Maravich mix covering both the NBA (Hawks, Jazz, Celtics) and the NCAA (LSU). Thanks to Wayne Federman and the Pete Maravich Memorial Basketball Camp in Clearwater Florida for the vintage old school clips.
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Pistons v. Celtics w/ rookie Larry Bird, Pete Maravich, Bob Ryan [3/20/1980]
Some super rare footage from USA Network's "Thursday Night NBA Basketball" broadcast March 20, 1980. Great insight into early 80's pro hoops. The press account had attendance at only 1,138 (but that might have been a typo -11,138?) at the Pontiac Silverdome. This game is notable because it is one of just a few times that Pete Maravich started for Boston. Four of the Celtic's five starters are Hall of Famers and Top 50 players. I believe that is the last time that happened in the NBA. Maravich 20 points. Maxwell 16 Cowens 15 Carr 12 Bird 11 Archibald 11 Plus Bob Ryan (ESPN's Pardon the Interruption and Around the Horn) successfully predicts the winner of the '79-80 NBA season. Special thanks to Wayne Federman and Bob Remy.
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Pete Maravich Sets NCAA Scoring Record 1/31/1970 LSU
Listen to University of Mississippi radio announcer Stan Torgerson call the historic moment when Pistol Pete Maravich passed Oscar Robertson to become the ALL TIME NCAA scoring champ. 45 years later - Pete still holds the title. www.MaravichBook.com
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[1/14/78] Pistol Pete Maravich vs. Warriors rare film
January 14, 1978. Pete Maravich dropped 35 points (5 reb. 8 asit) at Golden State as New Orleans won 114-110. This game began a then-franchise-best 10 game win streak for the Jazz. Maravich blew out his knee 17 days later and was never the same. http://www.MaravichBook.com "The definitive biography of Pistol Pete Maravich." ESPN
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Wayne Federman Electric Ukulele - Hendrix Led Zeppelin
Stand up comedian Wayne Federman shreds some classic rock licks on the ukulele (w/ Marshall amplifier) in this vintage clip. http://www.WayneFederman.com Filmed at The Comic Strip (now called Comic Strip Live) in 1987. A site called Ukulele Hunt has provided tabs for this piece. (Thanks Al). http://ukulelehunt.com/index.php?s=federman&x=0&y=0 Federman uses an Aria Ukulele.
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Pistol Pete Maravich Top 10 Steals (plus 1 block)
Although known for his offense arsenal - Pete Maravich could play defense (when he wanted). Here's some evidence from his NBA career. Thanks to NBA Entertainment, Jackie Maravich, Wayne Federman, and Enigmatt for creating the tape-measure Countdown. Music: iMovie "action" trailer, "In Time," and a bit of Tone Loc. Also the 1984 NBA Legends (Old Timers) game. www.MaravichBook.com
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Miami Heat vs  Miami Heat
Miami Heat reserves play a game an hour before the Laker-Heat game in 2013. A rare 3-on-3 game with NBA players Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis and and the Heat reserves.yf
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