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Rosé - Original Music Video by Pretty Sad White Girls
*Original Song by Pretty Sad White Girls* Available on Itunes, Spotify, and all streaming services! Director- Robert Vornkhal Cinematography- Brian Harnick Art Design- Danielle Lemay Vornkhal Camera PA- Claire McCrea Set Costumers- Marisa Ferrara Jessica Harmston Producers- Jillian Schiralli and Lisa Bettencourt Special Thanks to: Leo Altafini, Everyone that donated to our IndieGogo, Marisa Ferrara, Robert and Danielle, Brian Harnick, Claire Mccrea, Sarah Jacobs, Julisa Mosby, Janelle Reid, Claire Avakian, Cristina Dueno, Jessica Harmston, Lauren Christianson, Stacy Ayn Price, Carey Kirkpatrick, Tali de Assis, Mustard Lane
PSWG sings "Pony"/"In Those Jeans" (Cover)
Our first hit single now has a sad/sensual video to go along with it. Your life will never be the same. Pony/In those jeans by Ginuwine. Arrangment by PSWG. Special thanks to Zekee Silos and Steven Staine for being super sexy. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter already- @pswgnyc
PSWG sing "Smell Yo D*ck" (Cover) EXPLICIT LYRICS
Pretty Sad White Girls cover "Smell Yo D*ck", an original masterpiece by Riskay ft. Aviance and Real. Happy Valentines Day to all, and remember, the nose knows. Love you. Mean it.
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"Oh Holy Night/Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" (COVER)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Pretty Sad White Girls & friends! A very special thanks to Rachel MacKenzie for arranging this beautiful piece, and thanks to Liz Darmuth for lending us her divalicious voice. Enjoy!
Pretty Sad White Girls at Secret Loft
Pretty Sad White Girls do a stand up set at The Secret Loft show in Brooklyn, New York. May 26th 2017.
"Written By The Men Of Tinder" (Original) LIVE at The Secret Loft
DID YOU KNOW? The men of Tinder are all poets. We compiled several tinder bios into one song to show you exactly what we mean. Love you. Featuring Nyna Nelson and Trevor Tunison of Fort Vine Venue: Secret Loft NYC Composed by Lisa Bettencourt Video by Jatin Chhugani Copyright Pretty Sad White Girls October 7th, 2017
"Disney Fan at 35" LIVE at The Legion BK (Original)
Live recording at The Legion Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Original song written and composed by Lisa Bettencourt.
PSWG sing "Milkshake"/"Put It In Your Mouth" (Cover)
Ugh, hi again. Please enjoy (or dont) our mashup of Kelis's "Milkshake" and Akinyele's "Put It In Your Mouth". We're just *venting* through song. Don't mind us. Bye. (@pswgnyc)
"Big Strong Man, Big Cold Heart" (Original) LIVE at The Duplex
We are pleased to present the timeless fable of how a big powerful man with a big cold heart was *healed* from the kind gesture of a neighbor. It all started with click bate!!! Venue: The Duplex Cabaret & Piano Bar Date: January 2018 Lyrics & Composition: Lisa Bettencourt © Pretty Sad White Girls
"Written By The Men of Tinder" (Original)
Look. The men of Tinder are all poets, which is why we decided to compile our favorite Tinder bios and insert them into a melody. This song was written by the men of Tinder. Enjoy and scream! Composition: Lisa Bettencourt Lyrics: the men of Tinder © Pretty Sad White Girls
PSWG sing "Peaches & Cream"/ "Dance With Me" (Cover)
This is a sad 112 mashup about peach cobbler and dancing it off because you can't afford the calories. Stay blessed. Ty. ty. Plz share.
PSWG sing "Neck, Back"/ "The Whisper Song" (COVER)
This video. This mashup. I mean- just enjoy...or don't. Follow us, please! And subscribe to our channel! Love you, mean it. @pswgnyc on Instagram and Twitter ***special thanks to NB Productions and Jordan Alazruei for producing this amazing video for us!!! Www.nbproductionsllc.com
"Santa... Please." By Pretty Sad White Girls (Original)
Usually we're lustfully gluttonous for Christmas, but not this year. No sir. We just want one thing, AND ONE THING ONLY. Happy holidays to all! Be good!
"P. Sad, P. White" (Original) LIVE at The Duplex
Who are the Pretty Sad White Girls? We think we know, because we are them. So here's a lil intro to help us all understand. Love it, hate it, but whatever you do - watch your sugar intake. Venue: The Duplex Cabaret and Piano Bar, NYC Date: January 2018 Composition & Lyrics: Lisa Bettencourt Vocals: Lisa Bettencourt and Jillian Schiralli Guitar: Lisa Bettencourt © Pretty Sad White Girls
PSWG sing "Thong Song" (Cover)
Hey, guys. We got awkward in a dirty stairwell and decided to cover Sisqo's "Thong Song". Sound quality is busted, but you live & learn & pray & grow & rise & fall & squander & conquer. Bye.
"Rosé" LIVE at The Duplex (Original)
What do you do on a GNO? You get some rose, and you lose your damn mind. That's what. Watch as your Pretty Sad White Girls sing an original song about the perils of drinking Rose during GIRL'S NIGHT OUT! SMH. SMDH.
PSWG sing "Hit 'Em Up Style/Oops (Oh My)" (COVER)
Ugh, sorry. Jordan Scannella on the upright bass is hot and all, but like, this is OUR show.
"Travel Agent Sue" (ORIGINAL) *Live* at Caveat NYC
Pretty Sad White Girls sing an original song about gun laws in other countries for All Rise: A Comedy Show About Law at Caveat NYC. Date: May 12th 2018 Venue: Caveat NYC
Pretty Sad White Girls *LIVE* at Women In Comedy Festival 2018
Pretty Sad White Girls performing original comedic song, "Disney Fan at 35" at the 2018 Women In Comedy Festival in Boston, Massachusetts. Date: April 20th, 2018 Location: Improv Boston
Big Strong Man, Big Cold Heart
This song/story is about how clickbait can actually be helpful. Lol. In what world?? Anyway, plz enjoy. Cinematographer: Brian C. Harnick "Big Strong Man, Big Cold Heart" Music & Lyrics: Lisa Bettencourt Vocals: Lisa Bettencourt & Jillian Schiralli Guitar: Lisa Bettencourt Shot on the DJI Ronin-S gimbal
Pretty Sad White Girls *LIVE* at 2018 Broadway Unlocked #giveback Concert!
Pretty Sad White Girls perform an original comedic song about the benefits of donating money for the Crime Victims Treatment Center, sponsored by Broadway Unlocked. Date: May 13th 2018 Location: The Green Space at WNYC Studios
Thong Song (Cover) LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall
That dress. Is so. Scandy. We had to do a melodic homage to Sisqo's one hit wonder, "Thong Song". We had to. Why? Because it's poetry at its finest. We've got Danielle Turano on the strings, Lisa Bettencourt on guitar/vocals, Jillian Schiralli on vocals, and David Rey Martinez as the unofficial audience hype man. Rockwood was rad!
"Where Are You Looking?" (Original) LIVE at The Duplex
When you talk to someone and they're HALF IN!!!! Hello!!! Pay attention to me!!!! Cool, you get it. This song is about that. Attention spans these days! SMDH. Venue: The Duplex Cabaret and Piano Bar, NYC Date: January 2018 Composition: Lisa Bettencourt Lyrics: Lisa Bettencourt and Jillian Schiralli © Pretty Sad White Girls
PSWG sing "Heidi Klum & Seal" ft. Danielle Turano (ORIGINAL)
We're still not over the break up of Heidi Klum & Seal. Go figure. How else are we supposed to cope if not through the tender gift of song? Let us have this moment. Let us have it.
Pretty Sad White Girls SHOW TEASER!
Jus' teasin' for atten'tion
"Dog Park" (Original) LIVE at The Secret Loft
Feeling down? Go to the dog park. Feel better. End of discussion.
Pretty Sad White Girls ham it up on The Brick Wall
In December 2016, we finally got a shot at public access television. FINALLY. Here's some footage of the "in between." Enjoy!
PSWG Album Release Party at The Secret Loft - October 7th 2017
AYO. Your Pretty Sad White Girls are releasing their very first EP! Come out on Saturday October 7th to The Secret Loft NYC to celebrate with us and some verrrry special guests.
PSWG sing "Everyone's Having Sex (Except for Me)" *LIVE* (ORIGINAL)
Chicago Sketch Fest 2017- January 14th Bootleg Audience Video Intro and original song
"Winter Things" COVER by Ariana Grande (with climate change ad lib)
Hey sad sacks. Happy Holidays, or whatever. We have some fun "winter thangs" coming your way! We're talking covers & originals. So get cozy by the fire... or air conditioning. Climate change is real. Love you.

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