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Bombardier Aerospace   2013 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Recipient
The Bombardier Toronto site researches, designs, manufactures and sells commercial and business aircraft. They also provide field support. The 373-acre facility includes a 7,000 foot runway, 1.2 million square feet of manufacturing space and employs 4,000 people. The Toronto site began a cultural and physical transformation to improve productivity and the customer experience by adopting the Achieving Excellence System in 2008. When evaluating Bombardier Toronto, the AME assessment team was impressed by the use of improvement tools, especially the company's approach to Standardized Problem Solving and an empowerment system (Xcell), which combined to drive continuous improvement and engagement by the workforce down to the shop-floor level. Equally impressive to the team was Bombardier Toronto's level of accountability and an understanding that the entire organization must change to meet evolving demands and new visions.
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Parker Racor - 2010 AME Excellence Award Winner
Parker Hannifin, Racor Division of Modesto, CA 2010 AME Excellence Award Winner
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Ventana Medical Systems 2014 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Recipient
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. is a member of the Roche Group. Founded in 1985, the company employs 1,200 people and manufactures and distributes over 250 unique cancer diagnostic tests and related instruments worldwide. Ventana is committed to improving the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer. The AME assessment team praised Ventana for its dedication to accountability and for taking great care of employees, customers and the community. The assessors also praised the company, remarking “The commitment by Ventana to their Cultural Beliefs is definitely a best practice of people-centered leadership combined with enterprise excellence, which is a core tenant of AME.” They also lauded the progress and improvements the company has achieved in the last three years, stating, "We believe ... [the] Ventana focus on excellence in every aspect of the company will provide a thriving future..."
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Ethicon 2014 Manufacturing Excellence Award Recipient
Ethicon is considered the leader in manufacturing surgical sutures and wound closure devices. The Ethicon-Juarez facility is known for its robust process capability and dedication to superior customer satisfaction at the most competitive cost. Beyond the Juarez facility, the company conducts business in 52 countries, employing nearly 11,000 people worldwide.
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MillerCoors Trenton Brewery  Receives 2016 AME Excellence Award
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is pleased to name MillerCoors Trenton Brewery as a recipient of the AME 2016 Excellence Award, which primarily recognizes North American manufacturing plants that have demonstrated excellence in business and manufacturing. To learn more visit http://www.ame.org/excellence-awards
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Dr.  Jeffrey Liker Keynote at AME 2016 International Conference in Dallas
Dr. Jeffrey K. Liker is professor of industrial and operations engineering at the University of Michigan and president of Liker Lean Advisors. He is author of the international best-seller,"The Toyota Way: 14 Management Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturer," and has co-authored seven other books about Toyota including,"Toyota Culture" and "The Toyota Product Development System." His most recent books are, "The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership" and "Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels: A Practical Guide." His articles and books have won 12 Shingo Research Awards. In 2012, Liker was inducted into the Association for Manufacturing Excellence Hall of Fame.
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Accuride Erie Operations Receives 2015 AME Excellence Award
Accuride Erie Operations is one of two Accuride plants in the United States dedicated solely to the manufacturing of forged aluminium wheels for the North American commercial vehicle industry. Erie Operations contains forge presses and advanced heat treat technology, coupled with best-in-class automated aluminium wheel machining and polishing technology. The AME assessment team highlighted Accuride Erie Operations’ continuous improvement philosophy, observing management driving a culture of metrics-based performance to satisfy customer needs. The assessors also praised the facility’s standout strengths of detailed level planning of plan-for-every-part (PFEP), well-organized product development data, and their strong focus on material flow improvements utilizing value stream mapping, visual kanban pull processes and more. The AME assessment team noted, “One of the most impressive aspects of the site visit was the obvious and visible cooperation with the UAW union. Union leadership clearly respects management and supports the continuous improvement effort. It was obvious there is a great deal of goal sharing, collaboration and respect.”
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Parker Hannifin - 2010 AME Excellence Award Winner
Parker Hannifin, Hydraulic Filter Division in Metamora, Ohio. - 2010 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Winner
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Silfex (A Division of LAM Research) - 2012 AME Excellence Award Winner
Silfex grows silicon crystals to manufacture customized silicon ingots and blanks, turning them into gas distribution plates and rings bonded to other materials (graphite, aluminum, copper, etc.). Several areas impressed the assessment team. First, the company's work to go outside of its walls to better understand the needs of external customers and then using that information as a key component of its Hoshin Planning process. Second, there were many strengths in the manufacturing environment; Silfex was doing some outstanding work with visual controls for the customer service group and for design engineers to use a simple visual communication board to keep up to date on 'wins' for two week windows. Customer-reported defects have decreased by a factor of 20x over the last six years. Costs have shown significant decreases over the last seven years.
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Lean Accounting Principles, Practices and Tools (Webinar)
In this short webinar we will address: - Lean Accounting principles and how they match with the principles and economics of lean success. - Some primary Lean Accounting including Box Scores, Value Stream Performance Measurement, Value Stream Accounting, and Value Stream Capacity Analysis. - How to use the Box Score to correctly understand and monitor the operational and financial impact of lean improvement.- How to use the Box Score for all regular business decisions such as sales profitability analysis, sourcing, capital decisions, etc. - How to apply lean in the accounting office to eliminate waste, visualize the work, and free up people’s time. - How to implement Lean Accounting in your own company. Presenter: Brian Maskell has been working with lean companies for more than 25 years. As an engineer and an accountant, he brings a unique perspective to the accounting, control, measurement, and decision-making issues of lean companies. Brian is President of BMA Inc. and has worked with the large multi-national companies world-wide; but the majority of his time is spent with small and medium-sized companies striving to become truly lean organizations. Mr. Maskell is a frequent conference speaker, blogger, and podcaster, and the author of 8 books including “Making the Numbers Count”, “Practical lean Accounting, and “The Lean Business Management System.”
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Adapting Lean for High Mix Low Volume
AME Webinar recorded June 3, 2014
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DJO Vista - 2010 AME Excellence Award Winner
DJO from Vista, CA. A global medical device manufacturer.
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Empi Division of DJO Global - 2012 AME Excellence Award Winner
Empi produces transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators, neuromuscular stimulators, iontophoretic drug delivery systems, incontinence systems and range-of-motion orthopedic devices. The assessment team observed effective 'quick and easy' kaizen activities where the hallways are lined with employee ideas, a cross-functional team that regularly audits internal quality systems, a robust Employee Ambassador program, good efforts towards right-sizing equipment and minimal finished goods with inventory turns over 17x. Also impressive was the fact that management cooks a pancake breakfast when employees need to work on Saturday.
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People-Centric Leadership and AME
AME is committed to the people-centric leadership movement. We feel this is an awesome responsibility to create a cultural environment in which people can realize their gifts, develop and apply their talents and feel a genuine sense of fulfillment for their contributions in pursuit of a common purpose. PCL involves employees at every level: manufacturing, office staff, management and the CEO. For more information about people-centric leadership, visit AME's PCL resources page at http://bit.ly/1UWHebV
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Systematic Layout Planning (Webinar)
This webinar reviews the data and phases of SLP and provides numerous examples of facilities that have reorganized with the help of SLP to create a successful Lean Manufacturing environment.
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Webinar: Poka Yoke  Creating a Culture of Zero Defects
Poka-Yoke, or mistake-proofing, is one of the most power concepts of lean manufacturing, yet after many years in the public eye it is still one of the least practiced. Broad implementation of Poka-Yoke devices can reduce defects caused by human errors absolutely to zero! While the technical side of mistake-proofing is important to effective implementation, creating an environment that identifies and highlights mistakes as “gold nuggets” for improvement rather than individual shortcomings is essential. Organizations that can create this environment, enable a culture of quality, not just a quality system. After offering a short explanation of the Poka-Yoke as a lean technique, Mr. Hamilton will address key social and policy changes that must occur to unlock the full benefits of Poka-Yoke.
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AGCO Receives AME Excellence Award
AGCO Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions and related services. The AME assessment team highlighted AGCO’s excellent job at creating an engaged workforce that continually drives toward operational excellence. Policy deployment has been started at the top level, and AGCO is on the journey to extend this activity throughout the organization and down to the shop floor.
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AME Webinar: Lean Management, Lean Leadership and Leader Standard Work
Leader standard work (LSW) is the highest leverage element in a lean management system. It closes the loop on process focus and keeps it closed. But, leader standard work is NOT the starting point. A value proposition comes first, one that answers the universal question, “What’s in it for me?” The value proposition holds that if you like the reduction in daily chaos and firefighting from the tools of lean production, lean management and LSW will sustain the benefits and deliver a better day at work. For leaders at a tactical level, from team lead to plant or unit, lean tools improve performance and stability. So understanding the nuts and bolts of lean applications makes sense to these leaders. But, it is the rare executive, even from an operations background, who’s interested in learning to assess or apply the nuts and bolts of lean’s tools. Yet, it’s by gemba walking executives on these very nuts and bolts that internal “leansters” try to engage their executives in lean. It doesn’t work, executives disengage from being gemba walked as a lean apprentice, and the lean initiative is at risk of being supplanted by the next ‘big thing’ that promises painless improvement and captures their attention. This webinar covers concepts and application of lean management, emphasizing the role and development of LSW, developing LSW that’s meaningful in the reality of daily leadership and daily improvement. It casts LSW as a development discipline versus mere compliance, and details the rationale, approach, process and tools. This will engage senior leaders in the lean initiative through LSW that’s meaningful to them personally and professionally in terms of their unique managerial responsibilities. David Mann is the author of Creating a Lean Culture: Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions. The book, awarded the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence, is an international bestseller in its field, translated into six languages. The book introduced the behaviors, practices and tools of a lean management system, including leader standard work, to the lean community. The third edition was published in 2014. Mann’s consulting, teaching and coaching experience includes lean transformation in manufacturing, enterprise business processes and healthcare organizations. His practice includes clients in healthcare, mining and energy, discrete and process manufacturing, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, technology, food processing as well as enterprise business processes. Learn more at www.dmannlean.com.
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NovAtel 2014 Manufacturing Excellence Award Recipient
NovAtel Inc. designs and manufactures high precision, OEM, global positioning products and employs more than 400 people.
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Sur-Seal - 2012 AME Excellence Award Winner
Sur-Seal is a leader for high-quality, die-cut gaskets selling to the HVAC, lighting, food and medical products markets. Two specific areas impressed the assessment team. First, the 20-point assessment system used to rate performance using elements such as leadership, customers, vendors, etc. Every year the entire organization rates each element using a spider chart for year-to-year comparisons. Overall trends were favorable. Second, a unique use of Legos to create a 3D image of Sur-Seal's value stream map. It was kept up-to-date as the actual facility layout transformed from the current state to the future state. Value added per associate increased from $62 per employee in 2008 to $96 per employee in 2011.
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AME 2016 Conference Preview
Learn more about the largest lean conference in the world...visit the AME 2016 International Conference website at http://www.ame.org/dallas
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Accuride Rockford Operations Receives 2015 AME Excellence Award
Accuride Rockford Operations manufactures Gunite® brand brake drums, slackadjusters and other wheel-end components for the North American commercial vehicle industry. Along with its focus on innovative product design, development and manufacturing, Rockford Operations continues to emphasize quality and dependable performance for customers. The AME assessment team highlighted the plant’s standout strengths, which included the application of visual scheduling boards resulting in the launch of fourth-generation production pull boards and the use of value stream mapping in the factory and for office processes. The assessment team praised the Rockford facility’s corporate and factory hoshin kanri, and the execution program tied to the associate incentive/bonus program. The assessment team also commended the Rockford facility’s partnership with a perishable tooling supplier and effort to use 100 percent of tool life.
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The AME Conference Experience
Don't miss AME Chicago 2019, with our theme of Leading on the Edge. For more information, visit http://bit.ly/2AdY9ks
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Accuride De MEXICO Receives 2016 AME Excellence Award
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is pleased to name Accuride de Mexico as a recipient of the AME 2016 Excellence Award, which primarily recognizes North American manufacturing plants that have demonstrated excellence in business and manufacturing. For more information visit http://www.ame.org/excellence-awards
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2009 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award- North Central Region Winner - Brooklyn Park, MN
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Accuride 2014 Manufacturing Excellence Award Recipient
The Accuride Henderson facility manufactures heavy steel wheels and was established in 1974. Today, it encompasses 306,000 square feet across 130 acres of land. The location also houses the Accuride Wheels Research and Development, product development and testing facilities, and produces more than 10,000 wheels daily for the heavy truck industry.
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Starbucks Carson Valley Roasting Plant - 2012 AME Excellence Award Winner
Carson Valley Roasting Plant produces and distributes 12 different sizes of coffee bags packed with ground or whole bean coffees. It ships directly to Starbucks stores and food service locations. The assessment team was impressed with how much had been accomplished in a relatively short period of time as the Carson Valley facility is still early in its lean journey. The team noted extensive use of leader's standard work practices, effective protocol for deploying key company goals down to the associate level, and a regular practice of sending people from the plant to visit stores, growers and suppliers. Changing the theme for weekly leadership team meetings to cover safety, action items, operational excellence and business partner performance was very effective.
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AME Webinar: Value Stream Mapping for Office and Service
Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a powerful improvement methodology that can deliver significant results to organizations. It is used to affect radical improvement of complex systems or value streams. Originally practiced in manufacturing, organizations in service industries as well as the back office in manufacturers are beginning to learn how to apply it as well. This expanded use has not come without some difficulty. The nature of work is different in office and service processes. There is greater variability in terms of the pathway of work and the process attributes (e.g. process time, lead time). Waste is not as apparent, nor is the actual flow of work. These characteristics make value stream mapping more difficult for sure, but they also make it more valuable as an improvement methodology. This webinar will review the VSM methodology and how it can be effectively applied to office and services. Tips to help create accurate current state maps will be provided. Keys to the successful design of future states will be a primary focus. The need to re-design the management process as the organization "learns its way to the future state" will be covered, as well as the "social" benefits of the approach. Presenter: Drew Locher Drew is a four-time author and two-time Shingo Prize recipient, including the lean best selling “The Complete Lean Enterprise: Value Stream Mapping for Office & Service”, the go-to reference on the subject. He has been applying enterprise excellence concepts to office & service environments for over 25 years including financial institutions, hospitality, healthcare, engineering, and the ‘back office’ of manufacturers. Drew is an instructor for the University of Michigan’s lean leadership and kata programs, as well as a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) and the Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value.
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AME Boston 2017 Conference Preview
At the AME 2017 conference in Boston, we will explore the most successful best practices used by practitioners for increasing engagement at all levels of the enterprise. WITH THE THEME GET ENGAGED, AME BOSTON 2017 WILL HELP YOU FIND WAYS TO: • increase engagement among your team. • develop a thriving culture. • empower your team members to contribute in ways you never thought possible. IN ADDITION TO TOURS, SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS, THIS CONFERENCE WILL OFFER: • roundtable forums on different topics. • in-depth panel discussions. • innovative, attendee-driven content to maximize your learning experience. For more information, visit the AME Boston 2017 website at http://bit.ly/2dKdzDr
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O.C. Tanner Receives 2016 AME Excellence Award
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is pleased to name O.C. Tanner as a recipient of the AME 2016 Excellence Award, which primarily recognizes North American manufacturing plants that have demonstrated excellence in business and manufacturing. To learn more visit: http://www.ame.org/excellence-awards
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Webinar: Pull/Kanban Systems
Most companies who attempt to implement kanban struggle with two main issues. First, how do we right-size and re-size our supermarkets to get the best possible flow? Too often, the kanban system deteriorates because we cannot keep up with the changes. Second, what techniques are appropriate for signaling replenishment? Do we signal with empty containers, kanban cards, FIFO lanes, min/max, or some other technique? Too often, cumbersome techniques are chosen, and the kanban system deteriorates, or is limited in its scope to only a few products. This presentation focuses on answering both of these questions. You will learn how to harvest data to size and resize your supermarkets with ease. And, you will explore how to select the right pull techniques for each internal and external supplier.
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Goodyear Akron Receives 2016 AME Excellence Award
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is pleased to name Goodyear Innovation Center--Akron as a recipient of the AME 2016 Excellence Award, which primarily recognizes North American manufacturing plants that have demonstrated excellence in business and manufacturing. To learn more visit: http://www.ame.org/excellence-awards
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Introduction to the Harada Method (Webinar) 8/22/13
Toyota has a self-reliance movement in the world to get better communications, better leadership, to get closer to their international customers and to eliminate those recalls. The Harada Method is the best way to educate people as they are taught: how to pick their own success goals, how to determine the purpose and value of those goals to themselves, their organization and the society around them, how to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, how to establish 64 tasks to attain their goals, how to monitor their daily activities to accomplish their normal daily work and their tasks and how to work with a coach. Presenters are Norman Bodek and Jim Garrick. Norman Bodek published 250 management books when he owned Productivity Press and was nominated into Industry Week's Manufacturing Hall of Fame, started the Shingo Prize and introduced American Industry many of the lean tools and techniques. Jim Garrick is a lean process improvement professional with over 25 years of consumer packaged goods, HVAC, automotive and consulting experience. The majority of this experience is concentrated in the areas of lean manufacturing and the optimization of the enterprise supply chain.
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Powerblanket Receives AME Excellence Award
The leader in total temperature control, Powerblanket designs and manufactures high technology smart controls and monitoring devices, heating blankets, and chilling products that solve a wide range of temperature problems in industries such as oil and gas, construction, industrial, mining, and railroad. The AME assessment team highlighted Powerblanket’s great culture throughout the company. The team also commended Powerblanket’s improvements and impressive turnaround, especially for only being three years into its lean journey. Powerblanket is the smallest company to receive the AME Excellence Award.
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How to Sustain Your 5S Improvements (Webinar)
Without fail the # 1 complaint discussed about 5S is how difficult it is to sustain. In fact, many managers and companies try several times before either giving up or finally finding success. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, 5S is really quite easy if you just follow some proven best practices. All too often we tend to muddy the waters and overcomplicate what should be a fairly straight forward process. In this webinar, you’ll learn the 5 Key Steps to sustaining a 5S program including the # 1 most important success tip of all. Presenter - David Visco is an experienced 5S Coach and 5S Event Leader. He has nearly thirty years of inventory control and warehouse management experience in various industries including medical device, distribution and electronics. In 2006, after implementing 5S at his previous employer, David had an idea to make 5S easier: one stop shopping for 5S supplies and materials. He started the5Sstore.com, where you can get everything you need to implement 5S. David offers 5S advice to major corporations as well as small and medium sized companies. He and his team also research and find solutions for applying 5S in challenging situations. David is on the Board of Directors for the NE Region of AME and has an MBA from Babson College.
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Littelfuse (Wuxi, China) Receives 2016 AME Excellence Award
The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) is pleased to name Littelfuse (Wuxi, China) as a recipient of the AME 2016 Excellence Award, which primarily recognizes North American manufacturing plants that have demonstrated excellence in business and manufacturing. To learn more visit http://www.ame.org/excellence-awards
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John Shook Keynote Preview for AME 2017 Conference in Boston
John Shook is chairman and CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute and is recognized as a true sensei who enthusiastically shares his knowledge and insights within the lean community and with those who have not yet made the lean leap. Shook learned about lean management while working for Toyota for nearly 11 years in Japan and the U.S., helping it transfer production, engineering, and management systems from Japan to NUMMI and subsequently to other operations around the world. While at Toyota's headquarters, he became the company's first American kacho (manager) in Japan. In the U.S., Shook joined Toyota’s North American engineering, research and development center in Ann Arbor, MI, as general manager of administration and planning. His last position with Toyota was as senior American manager with the Toyota Supplier Support Center in Lexington, KY, assisting North American companies implement the Toyota Production System. As co-author of "Learning to See," Shook helped introduce the world to value-stream mapping. He also co-authored "Kaizen Express," a bilingual manual of the essential concepts and tools of the Toyota Production System. In his latest book, "Managing to Learn," he describes the A3 management process at the heart of lean management and leadership. Shook is an industrial anthropologist with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee, a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii, and is a graduate of the Japan-America Institute of Management Science. He is the former director of the University of Michigan, Japan Technological Management Program, and faculty of the university’s Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering. To register for the 2017 AME International Conference in Boston, visit http://bit.ly/2dKdzDr
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Dresser Wayne
2009 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Southwestern Region, Dresser Wayne
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Flow Efficiency Versus Resource Efficiency (Webinar)
The webinar will provide knowledge of how resource efficiency should be treated in relation to flow efficiency when designing a flow. Other flow aspects, such as designing buffers will be presented. The webinar will also discuss a self-sustaining continuous improvement system in order to succeed in keeping high flow efficiency and high resource efficiency in the long run. The webinar will also discuss how company values, lean principles and ways of working relate to results through continuous improvements. Dr. Henric Alsterman has worked with manufacturing and business development since 1983, both as an employee and with his own company. He began working with lean (Toyota Production System) in 1987. Through the years he has worked as an operator, process engineer, researcher and manager. Dr. Alsterman earned a PhD in engineering, with a specialization in flexible production.
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ShawCor's Successful Journey With AME Conference
ShawCor Ltd., a global energy services company, brings a major contingent of their leadership and front-line personnel to every AME annual conference. This video provides an in-depth glimpse into how major corporations collaborate with the AME, building the conference and lean thinking into the very fabric of their organization.
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IEC Electronics Corporation%2C Albuquerque   2013 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Recipient
IEC Electronics Corporation provides electronic manufacturing services to advanced technology companies primarily in the military, aerospace, medical and industrial sectors. The Albuquerque plant has over 159 active products, employs 90 people and has 72,000 square feet of floor space. The plant is organized by customer work cells, designed to execute one-piece flow, enable immediate, visual feedback and minimize variation. In its review, the AME assessment team said, "All of the operators we spoke with had participated in improvement activities and were excited about what has been accomplished. They own the change within their cells. This was awesome to see!" IEC Albuquerque has worked to create a culture of continuous improvement focused on emphasizing quality in every aspect of its client relationships, delivering work that is Absolutely, Positively, Perfect and On-Time.
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Cogent Power Inc.
2009 AME Manufacturing Excellence Award Canadian Region, Cogent Power Inc.
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