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Trivium - Rain (Live)
Trivium performing Rain live for the Black Crusade at the Riverstage, in Brisbane (3rd November, 2007)
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Arch Enemy - Blood on Your Hands (Live)
The latter half of Blood on Your Hands by Arch Enemy. Performed at Riverstage in Brisbane for the Black Crusade
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The Red Paintings - Streets Fell Into My Window (Live)
The Red Paintings performing Streets Fell Into My Window at the Valley Fiesta on the 15th of September, 2007. I'm donating for the album to come out. Are you?
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Dead Letter Circus - Alien (Live)
Dead Letter Circus performing Alien live at The Zoo on the 24th August, 2007. Support the Band I tells you! http://www.myspace.com/deadlettercircus
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Machine Head - Imperium (Live)
Machine head performs Imperium live for the Black Crusade at the Riverstage on the 3rd of November, 2007.
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Arch Enemy - Nemesis (Live)
I do believe that it's Nemesis playing. I'm not 100% sure on the song lol. Someone tell me if I'm wrong =p. Either way. Some of the circle pit at Arch Enemy. Yeh, it's dark, but it pops up every now and again lol. This was performed at the River Stage on the 3rd of November, 2007 for the Black Crusade.
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The Butterfly Effect - Beautiful Mine (Live)
The Butterfly Effect playing at the Arena in Brisbane on the 14/07/07. Sorry about the video quality, my phone got absolutely rolled in A Slow Descent/One Second of Insanity.
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The Red Paintings - Revolution is Never Coming (Live)
The last song from The Red Paintings performance supporting Amanda Palmer. Your Revolution is Never Coming. Performed at the Zoo in Brisbane on the 19th of December.
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Dead Letter Circus - Disconnect and Apply (Live)
Dead Letter Circus performing live at the Arena in Brisbane on the 14/07/2007. Support Aussie rock!
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Dream Theater - Constant Motion (Live)
I'll put one later.
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Brand New - You Won't Know (Live)
Brand New playing You Won't Know live at the Tivoli on the 22nd of January during their "An Evening with Brand New" sideshow tour from Big Day Out.
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Muse - Stockholm Syndrome (Live)
Muse playing at the Riverstage on the 21st of November. Best night ever. Don't mind the recording though, I was somewhat... and by somewhat I mean very intoxicated. lol. See how it goes eh?
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Brand New - Welcome to Bangkok (Live)
It's just epic. Even if I didn't manage to get the whole lot of them on camera, you can hear it. I think. Taken at the Tivoli on the 22nd of January.
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Amanda Palmer + Trash McSweeney - Mad World (Live)
Amanda + Trash playing Mad World live during Amanda's encore at her acoustic show in Brisbane, on the 19th of December, at the Zoo.
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