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Oil stains on concrete or driveways where your car was parked not only means that you will soon be looking at a bill for car repairs, but you also have unsightly stains to deal with. You can buy it on Amazon. Here is the link to Amazon https://goo.gl/DYicfi Oil stains are a challenge and can be very hard to remove as the oil seeps deeper into the surface of the concrete or paving the longer it is allowed to remain there. There are several ways to remove oil stains from garage floors or driveways, including common household remedies and commercial cleaning and degrease products. How to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete There are multiple products available for the removal of oil or grease from concrete, involving chemical methods. Oil and grease are hydrocarbon based and large stains need a more aggressive method such a commercial concrete oil stain remover cleaner with a concentrated alkaline soap formula. Once these products are thoroughly scrubbed into the surface of the concrete, the soap acts like micro beads, or ball bearings, to loosen up the oil, making it easier to remove. A typical degrease product, however, is unlikely to work on heavily contaminated areas or stains that have been there for a long time as they do not actually break down the components of the oil. Degrease products work better on porous concrete than on concrete surfaces with a dense or hard finish. Hydrocarbons: http://chemed.chem.purdue.edu/genchem/topicreview/bp/1organic/hydro.html A common way to remove oil stains from concrete is by using cat litter, sawdust, pool filter or other absorptive material. This is more effective on smaller or stubborn stains and is an effective way to dissolve and remove oil stains. Make a poultice by saturating the material with a solvent such as lacquer thinners, acetone, MEK or xylene. Smear a thick layer of this material over the stain and cover it with plastic. The process of osmosis will cause the solvent to break down the oil and the absorptive material will absorb the residue. Although this method is effective, it does take time and may not be that cost effective if there is a large area to be cleaned. New Advancements in Oil Stain Removal The latest advancement in concrete oil stains removal involves the use of single-cell microorganisms microbial cleaners. The microorganisms in these products thrive on the components of crude oil, literally eating them up and absorbing the oil. During the process oxygen and enzymes are released that effectively digest the oil, turning it into carbon dioxide and causing more microorganisms to form. Once the food source (the oil) runs out, the microorganisms die, leaving the area oil-free and clean. This technology has been used effectively to clean large oil spills on beaches and in waterways. KT Microbial and ESI are two sources of these microbial cleaners. How to Remove Oil Stains from a concrete driveway The same methods used to remove oil stains from concrete can be used on paved driveways. If the spots are small, simply sprinkle the absorptive material such as sand, cat litter, baking soda or cornstarch over the dampened area and allow it to absorb the oil. Remove the material and scrub the area with a household detergent before hosing it down. If the stains are stubborn, you may have to use chemicals or the poultice method. Concrete oil stain remover review: http://youtu.be/UZSKiDXyE28
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If you are looking for something new and fresh to try on this coming special season then there’s no other thing than the Terminator-HSD Concrete Cleaner. -Buy it on Amazon at: https://goo.gl/DYicfi This has been the newest raves people who have tried it have been bragging all over the internet. This is so perfect now that everyone’s busy cleaning each and every surface to prepare for the holiday seasons. This will change on how you look at concrete cleaning, if before people have their own horror stories about their concrete cleaning tasks then the Terminator-HSD will complete take all those memories away. The Best Dry Concrete Cleaner on the Market Unlike any other concrete cleaners, Terminator–HSD caught the hearts and attention of a whole community. Yes, not just a good review from a single individual but from an entire community that themselves were amazed by the wonders the dry concrete cleaner have made. The San Fransisco Homeowners Association is one of the founder of different cleanliness projects in their community and one of their popular and most-advantageous schemes is the “Clean the oil away!”. This was when they encouraged each and every household to clean their own concrete surfaces until the whole community turns into an “oil-free” area. And true and behold, they succeeded only because of the Terminator-HSD dry concrete cleaner. Terminator is strong good for the environment : http://homeguides.sfgate.com/ecofriendly-mean-78718.html The association highly imposed the use of Terminator-HSD when cleaning the concrete surfaces and pulling all those oil off the entire community. Not just for an easier and most effective way of cleaning and stain removal but also to keep everybody safe. The Terminator is composed of natural-based microbes that eat oil so it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that might ruin the health of the people. It cleaned the entire area, swept all the oil stains away and yet, it remains gentle with the people. It’s strong the harmful only for the dirt and stains but never to the human race. Concrete Oil Stain Remover: http://youtu.be/UZSKiDXyE28 Time-wise, the Association didn't demand too much time from the homeowners. Even those busy parents enjoyed and participated in the project. Who would not if what you need is just a few minutes pouring the cleaner onto the stains and you’re done? You can go back to your normal life and to your surprise, the next time you’ll wake up, stains will all be gone. I think no one has been hassled that’s why everybody blended and a cleaner, stain-free community was created. Concrete Cleaner Review: http://youtu.be/56DAJqWT-xU